Meet the Board of Directors and
Network Members
The Women's Health Network is guided by the leadership of the Board of Directors. Membership includes community members and organizations that provides health services to women across the lifespan. Network membership is open to all community members and organizations with a shared interest in addressing health equity issues in our community.

To join the Network, attend the next Network meeting or complete the membership form
Meet the Board of Directors
The Network Board of Directors representation includes members from the community, multiple health service organizations, and academic partners. 
Board of Directors
Laurel Alkire, Senior Services of Wichita
Alisha Bond, Wichita Community Member
Susan Bursch, Rivercross Hospice  
Amy Chesser, PhD; Wichita State
Marsha Hills, Wichita Community Member
Nikki Keene Woods, PhD; Wichita State
Voncella McCleary-Jones, PhD, Wichita State  
Melody McCray-Miller, Miller Inc. 
Wakeelah T. Mutazammil, Council of Elders   

Alexandria Parra, Public Health Sciences, WSU
Jared Reyes, PhD; Envision Research Institute 
Rachel Showstack, PhD, Wichita State
Lisa Vayda, Wichita Community Member
Tami Wagstaff, Community Member
Inneké L. Vargas, Wichita State
Tracy Williams, MD; Ascension Health   
Jennifer Wipperman, MD; Ascension Health
Scott Wituk, PhD, Community Engagement Institute 

Network Members

Member Name, Organization

Aaron Walker, Carin Health

Alisha Bond, HUB International Mid-America

Alissa Bey, Wichita State University

Andrea Bozarth, Community Member

Andrea Stang, Hive

Anyanwu Cox, the African American Council of Elders South Central Kansas, Inc.

Becky Tuttle, City of Wichita

Brenda Woods, Wichita Children’s Home

Camille Childers, Wichita State University

Chris Omni, Kujima Health

Cindy Miles, Non-Profit Chamber of Service

Conni Mansaw, Hospice Care Consultant

Crystal Dalmasso, Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism

Danielle Ast, Wichita State University

Danielle Ramirez, Partners for Wichita

Debra Cooper, Sunflower Health Plan

Denise Colborn, Colborn Fitness

Evan Rosell, Greater ICT Partnership

Flor Victoria Sanchez, Mental Health Conference

Gabrielle Owens, Wichita State University

Jan Chandler, Partners for Wichita

Janet Frederico, Thrive ICT

Jared Reyes, Envision, Inc

Jayme Dorr, HopeNet

Jenny Shipman, Alzheimer’s.Org

Jamie Harrington, Wichita State University

Jolynn Dowling, Wichita State University

Justin Hoover, The Battle Within

Karla Keilhack-Ball, Harry Hynes Hospice

Kristy Flores, Harry Hynes Hospice

Laura Rosenbaum, National Alliance on Mental Illness

Laurel Alkire, Senior Services of Wichita

Lindsey Cahoj, Harry Hynes Hospice

Lisa Vayda, Ideal Health

Maas Thomas, The African American Council of Elders South Central Kansas, Inc.

Maren Turner, AARP

Mary Dean, Black Women Empowered

Marla Canfield, Envision, Inc

Matt Thibault, Health ICT

Michelle Vann, Sistahs Can We Talk

Nancy Ross, National Alliance on Mental Illness

Pamaline L. King-Burns, Sedgwick County Health Department

Rachel Harper, Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism

Sharon Ailslieger, League of Women Voters

Shelley Rich, YMCA

Sherri Jones, Harry Hynes Hospice

Soutdaly Sysavanth, Wichita Children’s Home

Stacy Rucker, Embrace

Stephanie Kreutzer, Positive Directions

Susan Bursch, M.A., Rivercross Hospice

Teresa Lovelady, Health Core Clinic

Teresa Briggs, Healthier Lyon County

Tracy Williams, KU School of Medicine

Vanessa Sanburn, Let’s Talk, Inc

Venus Lee, Grace Med

Victoria McClure, HopeNet

Voncella McCleary-Jones, Wichita State University

Wakeelah Martinez, Wichita Community Member

Amy Chesser, Wichita State University

Melody McCray Miller, Miller's Inc.

Nikki Keene Woods, Wichita State University

Inneké L. Vargas, Wichita State University